• Who are Ascent?
    Ascent is the name used by Ascent Performance Group.  This company is a law firm and part of the larger Irwin Mitchell group of companies. We specialise in debt recovery and act on behalf of a wide range of financial organisations within the United Kingdom, helping their customers to find solutions to repay their debts.
  • Why have I received a letter from you?
    One of our clients has instructed us to contact you in relation to an outstanding debt that you hold with them. It is highly likely that they have tried unsuccessfully to resolve the issue with you and they have now decided to place the account with a company that specialises in such matters.
  • Where did you obtain my details?
    Your creditor supplied all of your details to us when they passed the account over to us.
  • I have received a letter addressed to someone else. What should I do?
    We would appreciate it if you could give us a call on 0345 604 0860 to inform us that we appear to be sending mail to an incorrect address based on the information provided to us. If you know the person, any forwarding details you could supply would be helpful. Alternatively, you can return the letter to us, clearly marking the envelope with the words “Gone Away”.
  • What if I cannot afford to pay?
    We understand that it is possible to find yourself in a situation that you simply cannot see a way out of. We will try to find a solution for you, but in some cases we may suggest that you contact a company offering free debt advice who may be best suited to give you advice.  We urge you to contact us, no matter how severe the circumstances are or to seek advice from an independent organisation. Ignoring this situation may result in legal action commencing.
  • What happens if I don’t pay?
    There are several potential consequences to non-payment of debts. In all cases of non-payment of debt, your credit rating will be affected. Continued non-payment will make it more difficult to obtain credit in the future and, where credit is available, you are very likely to be subjected to much higher interest rates as a result. Depending on who our client is and the type of debt you hold, it may also be possible that legal action could be taken against you.
  • Will costs and / or interest be added to my debt?
    In cases where successful legal action is taken, such as obtaining a County Court Judgment, costs will be passed on to you. It is therefore very much in your best interests to contact us as soon as possible to discuss your situation. There are ways to avoid these costs, if you act early enough.
  • Should I use a debt management company?
    It is our view that direct communication between you and us is the best way forward in such matters but this is a matter you will have to decide for yourself.  Debt management companies can, of course, offer good advice, but there are often delays between payments made by customers to these companies and the payment then being passed on to us. If there is a risk of further legal action, this can cause us to take action where it is not needed, but the costs will still be passed on to you because payment has not yet been received.  Some companies also charge significant fees for their debt management service. Where they wish to use a debt management company we would recommend free debt management companies such as Payplan or StepChange as charges paid to debt management companies could be used to pay off your debts sooner, leaving you in a better position financially.
  • I use a debt management company now, what should I do?
    If your debt is being managed by a Debt Management Company then please let us know their details so that we can update our records.  We will work directly with them, while the arrangement is in place, but first we need to know who they are.
  • I have another question.
    If you have a question that cannot be answered above, please contact us on 0345 604 0860. Alternatively, you can send us a message