• Who are you and what do you do?

    Ascent provide field services on behalf of a wide range of financial institutions. We appoint field representatives to carry out visits to customer properties to meet with customers as the lender may be finding it difficult to interact via letter or telephone directly.

  • Why has my lender involved Ascent?

    We have been asked by your lender to arrange for a representative to meet with you to understand your current circumstances so that your lender are fully aware of your present position.

  • Does this mean I have to deal with you from now on?

    Ideally, yes, given we have been instructed to meet with you although we are not trying to take the place of the lender merely providing a comprehensive report back to them regarding your current circumstances.

  • Have I been charged for your visit?

    This depends on the lender as some do charge for the visit to be undertaken. Please ask the field representative or contact your lender directly if you require further clarification.

  • What do you do when I meet with you?

    The field representative will meet with you and talk you through a series of questions that your lender have asked us to discuss with you regarding your circumstances. We will record this onto the report recording the discussion and this report will be provided back to your lender.

  • Will I need to prepare anything beforehand?

    It would be helpful for you to have to hand evidence of your ID (passport, driving licence) for verification purposes and other information that supports your present monthly expenditure (bank statement or copy bills) as this will help speed up the interview.

  • As there are two of us named on the account do you need to meet with us both?

    It would be preferable to meet with both people listed on the account however if this can’t be achieved due to other commitments then we would be happy to arrange to meet with one of the named people present.

  • Can you give me a couple of weeks to come back to you?

    We can arrange to meet around your other commitments however the lender have asked us to conduct the interview as swiftly as possible. Our representatives will be happy to accommodate meetings around shift patterns or at weekends to assist.

  • How long will the meeting take?

    This will be dependent on the level of detail we need to capture during the meeting however typically it takes between 30 to 60 minutes.

  • Do you collect any money?

    No, the purpose of the visit is not to collect any money from you. We are simply recording and providing factual information back to your lender.