Julie* owns a small graphic design consultancy, employing two other people.

A few months ago her business ran into cash flow problems due to a number of clients not paying her on time.

So she could afford to keep paying her staff, Julie missed a number of mortgage payments.

She then got a letter from us asking her to get in touch.

When Julie called us, we listened to her situation and told her about organisations that could support her in dealing with her cash flow issues.

We calmly talked her through what would happen next if she continued not to pay her mortgage.

Julie then contacted Business Debtline, and with their help, she was able to reclaim the money she was owed.

We then worked with her mortgage lender to organise a plan for Julie to catch up with her missed payments. She is now back in control of her finances.

*The name has been changed, but this case study is based on a real life customer experience. Any options we may suggest will be based on your individual circumstances.

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