Lee* suffers from anxiety and depression, which makes it harder for him to keep track of his money.

He sometimes makes rash decisions, buying things he can’t really afford.

Because of this, he began to miss his mortgage payments, and soon afterwards received a letter from us asking him to get in touch.

At first, Lee’s anxiety meant that he ignored our letters. While this isn’t unusual for people in his situation, the problem won’t go away so it’s always better to get in touch and let us help you.

Eventually, Lee confided in a friend, who persuaded him to pick up the phone.

Our advisor listened to Lee’s situation and went through his income and expenditure in detail to see if he could afford to keep paying his mortgage.

She also told Lee about a range of organisations that could help him, both with his mental health and with managing his finances.

With support Lee was soon in control of his money again, and is now getting help with his mental health issues.

He is now feeling much more positive about his future.

*The name has been changed, but this case study is based on a real life customer experience. Any options we may suggest will be based on your individual circumstances.

Are you in a similar situation to Lee?

Please call us to talk on 0345 604 0860.

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