Ascent boasts the UK’s market leading field team, conducting up to 60% of all visits in some of our chosen markets.

Our unusual business model is the secret to our success – we operate an employed network of field representatives which provides a nationwide service.

Where there has been a breakdown in communication, a relationship which needs to be preserved, or where it is vital to maximise the chances of securing repayment, our experienced team of field agents can help in one of two ways.

1. Reconnect service

In this case, the aim of our field services team is to attempt to reconnect the customer with their lender.  Our representatives will visit the customer’s home, and if they are able to contact them, will re-establish telephone contact between the customer and their lender.

2. Full Fact Find service

During a full fact find visit, our representatives will seek to understand:

  • what changes have occurred to a customer’s financial situation
  • whether these are likely to continue
  • whether the customer has sought advice
  •  whether other bills are up to date

as well as obtaining full details of income and expenditure.

Where the customer is not keen to undertake an income and expenditure assessment, we will ensure the benefits of doing so are discussed, including helping the customer achieve a realistic view of affordability, helping the customer identify which expenditure is a priority and giving the customer confidence that any repayment plan will be affordable and sustainable.

Our approach is designed to help each customer to find the best possible solution for their individual circumstances. Our field representatives are expertly trained in arrears mediation, with a specific emphasis on dealing with vulnerable customers by adopting the TEXAS model.

Because we know how important brand and reputation is to our clients, we operate full interview recording in the field (subject of course to customer consent, which is almost always forthcoming), with recordings made freely available. We never take any form of payment (including cash) at the door or in the home.

The majority of our field work is on mortgage arrears, but we can also help with unsecured finance, particularly with dormant accounts. By conducting home visits, our field representatives are able to verify first-hand the value and condition of assets, and view specific documentation to support a customer claim. All of this can be evidenced and packaged in a comprehensive report tailored to each client’s specific requirements.

To ensure you are clear on the service you’ll receive and the price you can expect, please take a look at our prices section.

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